Dear Faithful Reader,

In a world… where sometimes characters are fonts and fonts are people and sometimes people are typefaces, typefaces have faces, or the faces themselves reveal their anthropomorphized type. Some characters have very little character at all, while others are unwaveringly typecast. Sometimes there is a letterform you must fill out, which can be very time consuming. Welcome to that world.

Here you will journey with any number of heroes of the landscapes we all know as literature and not television (unless there are words on the screen). The characters we normally would imagine in the words and pages, however, have now become realized and animated, and reanimated, from a thousand year slumber. The invisible have now become visible. And there’s nothing you can do about it. It is not the landscape of literature but the landscape of the book, the page, the microspace, the margins. The forms we see when we cross our eyes slightly while reading.

Several years ago when typography was invented, someone said it should be invisible, well now it’s not. Prepare yourself, for thy shall heed the wrath of the type. No, it’s not all blood and gore revenge and such, but the typefaces ask you to prepare yourself, for their own stories and lives shall come forth now, instead of the meaning of the word actually written, as it has been ordinarily so for many years now, so this very well may be quite shocking. The script has been flipped as they say.

You might be busy at your desk typing words in to a word processing machine at this very moment. But that, you see, dear reader, is the act of creation of forms you may think are words and sentences hopefully punctuated correctly, but in reality, this reality, it is the act of birth and replication of forms who have their own personalities and agendas and lives, if you will. Those words and sentences form towns and cities and countries and families, as you type. As I type, in fact.

It’s not all as black and white as it once was.

Welcome, dear reader, and I wish you well.

Editor in chief,
Characters in a setting.

Existing books that actually exist but no one reads them:

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